Curriculum & Programmes

We provide care and education options for babies through to six year olds embracing the New Zealand curriculum of Te Whariki.

At Christopher and Robin each child becomes:

  • A thinker who listens
  • An inquirer who negotiates
  • An inventor who collaborates, and
  • An individual who believes in him or herself

At Christopher & Robin ECC educators will enhance children’s learning and development through:

  • Relationships and Interactions which are responsive, reciprocal, positive and encouraging.
  • Extending children’s thinking and actions through sensitive and informed guidance; interventions and support.
  • Respecting children’s preferences and involving children in decisions about their participation in activities.
  • Planning and evaluating the physical environment and providing resources to support the needs of each child and to facilitate quality curriculum and interactions.
  • Modelling non-discriminatory behaviours and promoting this with children.
  • Implementing strategies to include all children.
  • Our educators will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the learning and development of each child, identify learning goals for individual children, and use this information as a basis for planning, evaluating and improving curriculum programmes.

More information about the Te Whariki framework

We understand that babies are all unique and learn at their own pace. We aim to provide a safe space where little ones can explore, grow and develop through a variety of experiences. Our staff to child ratio in the under two space is 1:4. Infants and toddlers are cared for using Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) by Magda Gerber.  Find out more about how we apply RIE.

Pre-schoolers are educated using the Reggio Emilia philosophy where the environment plays a key role in each child’s education. Learn more about our Reggio Emilia approach. Our staff to child ration in the over two space is 1:6.

Our special preparation for school programme is unique and we have had outstanding feedback from schools where our children now attend. We offer this learning to all 3 and 4 year olds and also present an option of 5 mornings or 5 afternoons per week with 20 free hours.

20 hours Early Childhood Education (ECE) per week is available to all three, four, and five year olds and is offered by Christopher and Robin Early Childhood Centre. More information on 20 Hours ECE.

Our fees for children who receive 20 hours free.

  • All four of our children have been through Christopher & Robin ECC and cannot speak highly enough of the care and love they have given each of our children. The staff are so kind and caring and any ideas or issues that we have had, have been listened to and dealt with in such a professional manner. Our children all settled in so well to the centre and were always excited to go. I love the portfolio’s that the centre does, it captures all of their learning and progression throughout their pre-school years and our older children still enjoy looking back on their folders even at age 6 & 8 yrs old!,

    I cannot speak highly enough of the dedicated staff that care for little Madison now. When your little two year old runs to the teacher for a cuddle in the morning, you know that they are so happy to be going. There is always so much that goes on during the day I am amazed with some of the things that Madison is learning already! The children are able to explore their environment and things that interest them.

    Thanks so much for all the hard work you put in to caring for our little ones – you are amazing!!!

    Jo & Wayne Blomfield

  • Our family has grown up and it is time to leave the family nest at Christopher & Robin.  It is with Summer coming of age 5 that will see us departing on the 18th of February with some sadness, never the less full of the wonderful memories and the on going influences of the education you have provided to James and Summer.    Without a doubt you are the BESTEST (if there is such a word) and we are grateful for the love and caring of all of us throughout the past 5 years.

    What we liked about C & R:
    The staff – you are the glue;
    The food – Debbie you spoil the kids;
    The Christmas shows – treasured memories.;
    Greg & Dorice – Always approachable.
    Charity Support – keep this up it’s an important part and families do appreciate the gifts of help.  We will continue to support it after we have gone.;
    Flexibility – always finding or offering a solution without offence.; Culture – embracing our heritage.

    A big thank you to everyone,

    Jason and Bronwynne Hodges

  • My two children Dane & Lewis Bertinshaw both attended Christopher & Robin. Lewis started at the age of 2 and stayed there until he started school, Dane started at the age of 3 and stayed there until he started school.

    Christopher & Robin to me was a solid foundation for my children to begin their early years of education and I recommend them to everyone.  I found the quality of learning was high and I liked how it was integrated into fun play.  Going into school both boys were well prepared.

    Both my boys were very happy at Christopher & Robin and still often ask to go and visit. From time to time staff would change.  This never effected my childrens comfort or learning and I had full confidence in whoever Dorice & Greg employed.

    The Bertinshaw Family

  • I cannot express how happy we are with the service of care our son received at Christopher & Robin ECC.  You provided him with great structure each day which gave him a chance to explore and learn while having fun, and this has definitely helped set him up with a great foundation to start off his school years.  You also teach the children invaluable life skills that Lincoln will carry with him for the rest of his life. 

    All the teachers are truly amazing and you all became a part of Lincoln’s family while he was there; ‘our home away from home’ .  

    Thank you so much.

    The Cooksey-Otautaha Family

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